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Our Process

How do we help you recruit Top Performers?

IG Bridge has an immense pool of Job Seekers, who undergo a rigorous screening procedure. Thus, giving you the best of the best candidates to choose from.

IG Bridge Tests the following skillsets and criteria to shortlist the best-in-class profiles.

  • Business Communication
  • Work Experience
  • Salary Expectations
  • English Proficiency
  • Work Experience
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Performance Assessment
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality

Our Products and Services

We provide the top candidates in the Creative, Development, and Management Workspaces such as Developers, Graphic Designers, Managers, Programmers, Content Writers, and so on.



IG Bridge assesses you in all industry-relevant skills and assists you in choosing the ideal job to maximise your potential and professional success.



Our Outsourcing platform helps you identify the right people and facilitates the seamless movement of ideas and inputs, allowing you to fulfil your deliverables and deadlines.



IG Bridge assists you in recruiting the sharpest brains most appropriate for your job description and company culture, enhancing the potential of your organisation.



IG Bridge supports you in crafting your Marketing and Branding Strategy by taking into account all of the foundation elements such as Target Audience, Website Reach, Social Media Impact, and much more


Website Presence

IG Bridge's in-house team of UI/UX Designers, Front-End & Back-End Engineers, and Website Architects will ensure your bold presence on the Internet for maximum visibility and reach.


Digital Insights

With IG Bridge's young and ardent team of digital marketers presenting you with a comprehensive analysis and a precise roadmap for your digital journey, your existing website presence can be catapulted.

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