IG Bridge is an all-in-one Job Seeker Platform that aims to build transparency in the Talent Hunt Process. Our vast repository of Job Seekers is growing exponentially. With our reliable connections and networks in the industry, we help job seekers find their ideal career in the shortest time possible. We aid job seekers in assessing their strengths and weaknesses through our comprehensive analysis of their profile and recommend them for the Openings most suitable for their profile. Not just Job Seekers, IG Bridge poses an immense advantage to HR Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Managers of every level to find their ideal candidate through our platform. We take care of the bulk of the duties of the HR Manager, like screening, fundamentals testing, skill level assessment and so on, thus presenting only the best apples in the tray. Unlike any other Job Portals, IG Bridge helps in developing a good relationship between Recruiters and Job Seekers as it allows them to display their opinions, views and technical prowess through photo sharing, long-form content, bite-sized content etc.
At IG Bridge, we are focused on taking the platform on a global scale and making seeking jobs and finding talent a fun-filled and effortless process.

Rahul Kumar Yadav

Web Developer

Our Future Goal

Building a Perpetual Community based on Innovation and Technology

At IG Bridge, our team of professionals work tirelessly on improvising UI/UX and functionality of the platform for customized structure & stunning looks which suit your web app & website.
We also develop small toolkits with for different functionalities and keep iterating them until it becomes the one that performs well and looks even better.
The IG Bridge platform also keeps you engaged with an immense repository of technical content on design, functionality and development.
Our writers will ensure that all the market trends are introduced to you in a simple and easy fashion, making the process of personal development much simpler.
In the end, I would say keep visiting our website and enjoy the quality content.

Our Offerings

Jobs is a curated job board of the best jobs for developers, designers and marketers in the tech industry.



Our Headhunting method include evaluating a massive database of possible Talents, often reaching well beyond our customers' network to find talent.



We maintain an ever-evolving repository of Job Seekers and Hiring Managers from different Industries, companies, Domains etc., making it extremely easy to meet the supply with the demand.



IG Bridge constantly updates on its site on behalf of its clients about vacant opportunities, talent expectations, and other areas, making the Hiring campaigns receive maximum responses.